Internet Of Things

Pioneers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enabling seamless connectivity and intelligent automation for a smarter, interconnected world.

Pushing Boundaries with IoT

We Create Ingenious Strategies To Deliver Impeccable IoT Product Solutions.

From automation of business processes to improved operational efficiency, Indicsoft has proven expertise in delivering varied formats of IoT solutions, particularly for the healthcare, manufacturing, and finance sectors. Our software professionals, cognitive scientists and IT engineers will devise a roadmap for feasibility study, hardware engineering, software development and product/mechanical design.

Our Expertise in IoT Solutions

Indicsoft, with a team of software professionals and prominent technologies, has the capability to provide top-notch IoT solutions with the highest level of standards. Once your IoT system is deployed, we will hand over the entire solution and provide training with the final solution.

IoT Analytics

IoT Cloud Migration

IoT Development

IoT Wearable Connectivity

IoT Testing and maintenance

IoT Data Platform

The need for Internet of Things (IoT)

The main purpose of IoT is to utilize AI, ML and Big Data Technologies to automate processes and bring efficiency in service delivery.

IoT provides organizations with the ability to reinvent the way they manage business functions, processes, and operations, and has proven highly valuable in the manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, wearable, agriculture, automation, and utility industries.

Diminishes the cost of production and improves ROI.

IoT-enabled solutions ensure secure processing and improve analytics decisions.

IoT ecosystem minimizes human intervention and promotes efficient utilization of resources.

Facilitate direct communication between devices, appliances, and other hardware equipment.

Improve deployment times and boost real-time marketing.

How do we deliver high value?

Indicsoft understands the connectivity ecosystem much better than anyone else and can create innovative & usable IoT solutions to streamline internal as well external processes. The unique facet of our organization lies in the capability to deliver impeccable solutions by maintaining a high level of security.

Insights & Benchmark

We can identify functional problems or inefficiencies to create POCs i.e. a solution that can be resolved with IoT.

Defining Solutions

Identifying key areas to improve and defining IoT initiatives for functional transformation.

Integration of IoT applications

Integrating IoT technology with the rest of IT ecosystem. Ensuring connectivity and making it operational.

Convergence & Management

IoT platform management with complete migration & process automation, and standardizations.

IoT Network Management

Setting up and optimization of IoT network infrastructure, device configuration, and troubleshooting.

Intelligent Process Automation

Incorporating multi-component automation technologies to streamline end-to-end processes.