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IVR Solutions / IVR System

The success mantra of any business lies in 'Customer Satisfaction', and when it comes to today's customers, then they expect consistent and personalised treatment from organisations at every touch point. Whether you connect to your customers through phone, text or email, there should be a brand affirming message that strengthens your relationship with the customers. This is here our IVR/ SMS solutions come to pave the way for a healthy relationship between you and your audience.

Our IVR/ SMS solutions enable you to manage bulks of data including subscriber cell phone numbers, opt-out requests, message delivery dates/ times and so on. Also, it helps you to stay in compliance with the most recent industry standards as well as regulations.

IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response that automates interactions with telephone callers. This solution not just improves customer service, but reduces the cost of common sales, collections, service, inquiry and support calls to and from the companies too.

    Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services include-

  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Secure Voice and Text Application
  • Virtual Phone Number
  • Employee Tracking System
  • Customer Lead Management
  • IVR hosting
  • Secure Voice and Text Application Provider

    Common use of our IVR/ SMS solutions feature:

  • Emergency alerts
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment reminders
  • Notification calls
  • Overdue payment reminders
  • Surveys
  • Interactive polls
  • Health assessment calls
  • Order status updates
  • Event promotion
  • Post Appointment Assessment Calls

Reach out your customers
Large-scale enterprises need robust contact management systems that empower them to reach the audience across multiple channels including SMS, IVR and email.

Call for a Customised Solution
Evolving organisations swiftly outgrow the baseline functionality of generic contact management solutions and require a customized solution suitable for their business needs.

Indicsoft has Extensive Experience
We have extensive years of experience and deep industry expertise that gives us an edge of deploying the custom, multi-channel solutions that your business requires.

Our skilled professional team partners with every consumer to make sure operational contact management solution integration across channels like IVR, SMS & email. We are specialized at enabling businesses who have grown beyond generic solutions to attain new levels of contact management excellence. Our fully-customizable solutions help you send proactive customer alerts, customer engagement and gather high-value customer feedback.

Our sole mission is to let businesses like yours encourage deeper brand loyalty while keeping costs low and improving operational efficiency.