Client’s satisfaction through transparency and confidential measures is of utmost importance for us. In order to steer clear of any issues concerning security of data and the implementation of the project, we practice robust and scalable agreements with clients. Our mantra “Well-Organising everything for a healthy relationship”. We do sign No-Disclosure Agreements with clients boost quality work and avoid security issues regarding the project. Our focus since the very beginning has been on total confidentiality so that our valued client like you may feel secured all the time. We have equipped our company’s infrastructure with CCTV surveillance, IP protection, secure networks and other amenities that enforce confidentiality.

Data & Software Security

We are focused on pure transparency during exchange of information, communication between the clients and the company. The aspects that we cover under this include: IP maintenance & hosting security, Software data migration confidentiality, Software updates as well as protection from malware and Constant check on bilateral communication through any channel.

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our employees are dedicated and are sheer professionals, still we make sure that your confidential information doesn’t get leaked. We have strict policies to avoid misuse of data, ID’s, and other official tools as well as properties. Our employees understand how it’s important to maintain confidentiality, hence they support through all the project with discretion and privacy.

Client Non-Disclosure Agreement

This helps us to maintain a healthy yet friendly ecosystem and avoid any further conflicts between the company & the client. It also boosts disciplined alliance for progressive results. It also creates a platform for future alliances. The NDA policies stated above depicts the authorization of clients, employees, and company to emphasize the seamless compilation of rules that uphold the dignity of the project work.

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