Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Our business continuity solutions ensure securing your IT assets in case a disaster hits your business at any point of time. The uncertain disaster could be anything floods, cyber-terrorism, super storms, earthquakes, civil unrest etc. Indicsoft helps you build plans that keep your business get going during both natural and man-made disasters.

Unexpected consequences of a disaster can lead to loss of business credibility, customers, cash flow, production, operational data and many more. We ensure that the odds against disasters are in your favour by delivering customized solutions to endure such once in a lifetime phases.

We’ve a team that understands your Disaster Recovery Plans

We have a dedicated team that understands your disaster recovery plans best through periodically testing. This makes the plan work successfully to prevent or at least reduce down- time.

Robust Backup Services

We have smart solutions to backup your business applications and data off-site. We leverage cloud computing in all its form and offer backup services at feasible price points.

A Repository of Devices Critical to Sustaining Operations

We have an inventory of web servers, application servers, software applications, databases, devices and hardware that are vital to sustaining business operations.

So what are you waiting for?

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