The Insane And Yet Most Powerful Checklist For Websites

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Every time a website is designed, the designers find themselves in the same spot, meaning they find themselves doing the same thing over and over again. Not so surprising, isn’t it?  Why do the designers find themselves in the same place again? Isn’t there something different they can do? The only thing that pops into my mind is a detailed checklist.

You know, there are a million website out there that a lot of us have already seen. What makes them so different and attractive? What makes us go back to the same website over and over again? Well, for starters, the designers haven’t stuffed it with images and content.

Are you getting my drift or do you want a little more explanation? Well, I’ll give it to you either way.  Before you hit the ‘publish’ button, there are a couple of things that you have to do to make sure the site is perfect.  So, the first thing you need to begin with is

  • A design checklist: It is so easy to miss out on something during the several back and froths, the feedback from the clients and the dozens of design iterations that have to be dealt with. So checking on the mistakes that could have been made while designing the website is important. This is a visual checklist which aims at making the site look good.

The next point that i am about to discuss, is not like any other point that i have ever come across. It is called the cross- browser functionality.

  • Cross- browser functionality: Various browsers are known to render websites in various ways, so it is essential to test the site in various browsers. Take a sneak peek at something called ‘W3 browser stats’ to check on where you need to focus on your testing. During this process, you will need to make sure the layout, the typography, the navigation and the other elements of design are layer out properly. When it comes to my website, I start by checking on the font, the colour, images and logo.

Ok, so, I hope you have understood what I have said so far. It is not difficult at all. There is a flow that has to be followed. Ok, wait, let me give you an example. Before you go on a vacation, or even before you go out to do grocery shopping, don’t you make a list of things that you need to buy and then tick off the items you have bought on the list? Well, this is similar.  The next point that I am about to discuss is called cross- device functionality.

  • Cross-Device Functionality: There are a million web-capable devices around along with a range of screen sizes. If done properly, the site should function well on a range of screen sizes. Just to be sure, you will need to double check. At this point, mobile navigation is important.  Make sure you test the user’s ability in order to make sure navigating around the website on a touchscreen device becomes easier and smooth.

Oops, I completely forgot to discuss two important things which are image optimization and content. Without these two factors, no website will be complete or rather attract visitors to the website.  You must be wondering what image optimisation is and why the content editing is so important. Give me a couple of minutes to proof my point. Let’s begin with image optimisation.

  • Image optimisation: Images and graphics are essential elements for websites, so when it comes to designing the website, you will have to make sure everything on the site is displayed properly especially on the ultra-high definition devices.  The basic rule is to upload the image twice its size shown on the site.

  • Content Editing: We all write stuff on websites we think is appropriate. Now, after you have written it, will you upload it without looking at it one more time? I didn’t think so. When it comes to content, it has to be checked at least three times. It is as important as an image or the logo on the site. People read the matter given. It has to be effective and powerful. If it’s not, then no one will want to read anything.

I hope I have made my points every clear. These are certain things that have to be followed when it comes to checking a website before finally publishing it. Once the website is set up, you will have to keep tabs on all the incoming traffic.  Good luck with the website!!