Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2016

Using Facebook For Your Marketing Strategies Effectively

It’s been a great way to start Facebook in 2016!! In the every beginning of the year, Facebook made a few changes that influenced its pages in a positive manner.  The blog that i am about to embark upon will take care of the changes that Facebook marketing has uses so far that every business should know about and understand what works these days.  Lets look at some of the changes it has made.

Before we get into the facebook marketing tactics for 2016,

let us recap on the recent change on Facebook. To start with, Facebook portrayed a change that came into existence in January 2016 and has targeted three kinds of posts to reduce the teach on the information via the users. 

01. Only after reading a couple of posts, people eagerly buy products or services
02. Posts that drive people to get into promotional stuff without any real context
03. Posts that reuse the same matter from ads

Let us simply have a quick run through all the above mentioned points  Putting up those amazing won’t do the business any good.  If on the other hand, you consistently keeping posting ‘pushy’ posts then it will minimize the reach of posts and by the end of it, you will not see any of your posts on the business page.  The context is the next big thing after those pushy posts. Having contests on the page is OK until they are useful to your business.  For example, a professional painter chalks out an ideal discount contest which is useful as it needs adding useful informative details to the contest post. So, basically it is not spam. Even though, the post says “Enter to win a Gift card” is not useful enough.  You have to use your common sense in summarizing what your contest is actually talking about.

The last one talks about duplicating Ads. Put in your own efforts and make something new that could attract several eyes. Just remember one thing and that is “Don’t copy the content from various advertisements”  Let me be a little more specific about how Facebook in 2014 has made an impact on marketing in 2016. 

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Minimizing reach

It has been one of the biggest changes on Facebook in 2014. A lot of us are not clear as to what reach is all about. It is basically the amount of users within a specific location that see a post  that a page puts up.  In the very beginning of 2014, Facebook made a couple of changes in their algorithm and then went on with more updates. It was during that time, several companies across the world lost out on organic reach. 

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Facebook shut down “like-baiting”

In the year 2014, Google introduced a change for better content in the News-feed by shutting down on what usually “ Like-Baiting” posts by pages.

The idea behind it was to stop  the page from having fans comment in an inappropriate way. 

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Closing the ‘like’ gate

Within the last half of 2014, Facebook came up with one of the most import change which is stopping the use of ‘Like Gates’. Users should not be pushed to use the like page or even plugins.  The basic idea of closing the ‘like gates’ is to get ideal connections and help a business attract potential customers.  Both the advertiser and the individual will be at an advantage. 

The update aims at the common practice by using several businesses of “gating” matter and give visitors access to the page.  With this so called upgrade, the important method of analyzing success of their business marketing on Facebook comes to a halt. The changes made by Facebook, has influenced the core of what several Facebook marketers could have paid attention to in terms of aiming at success on Facebook. According to some of the advertisement experts on Facebook, if the business marketers feel that the recent Facebook changes are worthless, then it is safe to say that it is time for them to leave marketing on Facebook.

It is time their stopped paying attention to only Facebook marketing and focus on an overall online marketing plans.

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Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics 2016

Changing sides from only Facebook marketing to integrated online marketing plan. It has become one the biggest questions today,  what should Facebook marketers do in a “ post like gate” world?  Leave or Follow? The perfect answer would be to adapt and to pay attention on an important marketing plan.  Times have changed and  now we have come into the new world of Facebook, where the marketers should not pay attention to only Facebook marketing.  Quality does matter after all. 

You need to build upon a campaign strategy for your significant online marketing.

Content is the king: When it comes to online marketing, website content has to be strong as it is creating your website.  The marketing team for Facebook have to make high quality content for the website that can be shared.

Creating and haring high quality content: Making and sharing high quality content on several social media networking sites will help a business build upon their audience and attract them. It will help them attain heavy traffic to the business’s website.  Every website for a business is a home-base and an online juncture to expand the exposure of the website’s content and improve interacting with the fans. If the content is perfect and if it adds value as a resource without focusing on the sales, it gives Facebook marketing a new dimension.

Make the content rich with Ads: Facebook gives businessmen the biggest chances of reaching out to their targeted audiences. The advertisement managers for Facebook and power editors offer every business to overcome their organic reach restrictions and to aim at laser accuracy with the much needed demographics.

Several marketers were hesitant on Facebook to use Ads, taking into consideration Facebook as a platform where there isn’t any place for ads.  Marketers have to realize that it is only with quality content with ads, they can reach a wide range of audience.

Conversion Integration: Once you have completed building and aiming for your targeted audience with the perfect content, it is high time to make use of the leap capture method to attract visitors and fance to email list. When it happens, marketing automation with automated email campaigns will help in making the relationship with the potential customers strong. The method is highly different in every industry. It also recommends what will work best for your business. 

Overall online structure of marketing: Effective online marketing reaches and connects with a wide range of potential customers. To increase the visibility of a post and aiming at the targeted audiences, Facebook ads and videos are things that one can easily depend on.

 These are some of the most effective Facebook marketing tactics of 2016 that you should implement without pondering over it for too long. 


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