Codeigniter The Perfect And Powerful Way Of Building The Perfect Website

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Codeigniter Framework

Are you looking for something dynamic to build the perfect website? You're in luck as Codeigniter is one such open source software rapid development that is used to create amazing website with PHP.

The software is based on the widely known model view controller development pattern. The MVC development patterns creates a stage for reusability and modularity which can be maintained easily. The framework makes the code simple to comprehend and it is ideal when developers want to come together on a project.

What makes the software so great?

There are like a million things that one has on their minds apart from this particualr question like for instance, what makes it so special? Why is so unique or different for the rest? Is it really that good as various designers or developers say it is? Well, to answer all these questions, there are a couple of pointers given below you should look at

MVC Framework

The Codeigniter way of doing things creates  clean code separations and things are completely organized.

Built-in Features and Tools

There are things like email, file and image uploads, sessions and debugging are built in, out of the box.

Abstraction of Database

Codeigniter connects and works safely with all the major database system with all the creativity  support for MySQL, MySQLi, Postgre, SQLite, to name a few.

Active User Community

Codeigniter is well formed and supported by several developers who have worked with the framework before. An active community is new and updated extensions are available means lesser features have to be created from scratch. A web project naturally is a lot more than just a framework. 

To make my points a little more clear, let me give you an example of what it looks like making a website on Codeigniter.

class Mycaptcha {

public $word = '';

public $ci = '';

public function __construct() {

$CI = & get_instance();


$this->ci = $CI;


public function createWord(){


$word = '';

for ($a = 0; $a <= 5; $a++) {

$b = rand(0, strlen($chars) - 1);

$word .= $chars[$b];


$this->word = $word;

return $this;

With all this being said, we all know what makes this software so great. When it comes to making the perfect website, using Codeigniter is the most powerful way to do it. No designer will ever regret using it.  If you have the software, go ahead and use it. Don’t just let it sit in one corner.


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